As a Clinical Psychologist, I’m interested in talking with you about current events happening in your life as well as going deeper and looking at some of your personal history that may be relevant. I work alongside clients at a pace that feels manageable, and it may be that we need to spend some time helping you to develop new coping skills before it feels safe to talk about your past (especially if you have a history of trauma or abuse).

Working with a psychologist is much more than just talking about “how that made you feel”. You will get much more out of therapy if you are an active participant in the process, and change can happen much more rapidly if you are willing to do some work in between our appointments. I will likely suggest that you complete some tasks outside of our sessions (e.g. reading a book, listening to a specific podcast, keeping a diary of particular behaviours, taking actions towards your goals) and whilst none of this is “mandatory”, these tasks would be intended to help you progress towards your treatment goals.

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