I can offer psychological assessment for those aged 16 and over to consider the following:
• General mental health assessment
• Intellectual Disability or Learning Disability
• Autistic Spectrum Disorder*
• Personality Disorder
• Cognitive impairment (e.g. following head injury or if there is a query regarding Alcohol Related Brain Damage)
• Memory functioning
• Second opinion/diagnosis clarification (where I’m qualified to do so)

Assessments include a review of medical records (where possible) and the production of a comprehensive report containing diagnoses (where appropriate/applicable) and psychological formulation, as well as recommendations for treatment or further support. I can also include a feedback session to discuss any difficulties and strengths identified if this would be helpful.

Assessments are tailored to the needs of the individual and can vary significantly in hours required for completion (e.g. depending on the extent of past medical records to be reviewed). As such, I do not have set fees for assessment and would encourage you to contact me to discuss your assessment needs further.

My assessments are often used to support legal proceedings (see Medicolegal & Expert Witness) but may also be used for employment related issues (e.g. where there is a query about someone’s fitness to work or practice) or to support a request for access to services.

*ADHD and ASD assessments and subsequent interventions/support often require input from a range of professionals and so I may signpost to another provider if I’m not best placed to help

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